Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) 2014

Panama, Casco Viejo Casco Antiguo

Welcome to the year of the “wooden horse”! Year 4712 according to the Chinese calendar, and this particular symbol refers to optimism and joy. Today, Panama`s Chinese community starts celebrating today (and for the next 15 days) with music, fireworks, dance and traditional rituals. Today, sponsored by the Chinese business community, they`ll have a special show at the Figali Center starting at 2 p.m.  (for free) with dance, acrobats and highlights of Chinese culture.

If this is your first Año Nuevo Chino in Panama, you might notice that the first “China Town” is still in Casco Viejo, so probably this weekend will be a festive scenario by B Avenue. This community, however, has extended and have now their stronghold in El Dorado, where most activities are traditionally held.
One of the things people are surprised about when coming to Panama is how much Panamanians love dim sum or “Chinese breakfast”. Usually you have to fight your way through the most respected restaurants such as Lung Fung and Golden Unicorn. I bet this Sunday will be extra special, so if you are thinking on going, be there early!

To everyone celebrating this weekend: happy Wooden Horse Year!



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