Recycle with Art: AVACA and Sembrarte for less garbage and more beauty

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

On Sunday, Casco Antiguo`s Neighborhood Association and Sembrarte, a foundation that works to promote art in Panama joined hands to “recycle with art”.   Several businesses and residents participated donating recycling material, which was used in the workshop to make toys and pieces guided by artists from Sembrarte, including Rolo de Sedas and Frank Ferrer. Other AVACA members present on Sunday helping with the workshop were Blanca Dávalos, Mitchelle Quiñones, Ivana Rabbat and Jennifer Hotsko.  Irving De La Rosa and Faustino Romero were in charge of picking up material during the week and sorting it out.

The most important part of this effort is that AVACA`s team is considering promoting recycling as part of their “garbage committee” programs. We are excited about what will be their next step!


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