Pritty Trueque or the Beautiful Barter

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

My brother used to tease me when he bought something from me, he would say: “you see? I get the best part of the deal, I give you some old green paper that was smashed inside my jeans, and in exchange you give me a book. Isn´t that crazy?”.  In a way it is, but I guess we couldn´t carry with us bartering material everywhere hoping to exchange it for stuff we actually wanted, so we had to settle for colorful pieces of paper. I mean, we could, but we would have to own only what was necessary…. I think this is getting quite philosophical now…

But sometimes it is good to be reminded that barter is a broader concept. Funny that it almost sounds “vintage”, like a voice from a time where things spoke for themselves and had a standing value that was meassured only by its utility or beauty. Would the things we own now hold their ground? will be interesting to see!

Give it a try!  come to Los Del Patio tomorrow, they will be having a barter afternoon! books, plants, seeds, clothing and general stuff exchange.  Calle 3era, next to the National Theater

Pritty trueque

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