Bayano Water Caves Adventure

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

For years I had heard of the stunning beauty of the Bayano caves, but somehow, I never got around to see them. Finally this Sunday, we gathered a group and hired Brett from Cacique Cruiser to go. What a trip!

You start early in the morning, he picks you up in Casco Viejo (or wherever you are) at 7 a.m. He`ll have breakfast packed for you, water, tea, coffee, etc. The trip to where you take the boat is an hour, something that amazes me always how quickly in Panama you go from skycraper city into in-the-middle-of-nowhere-jungle.

A quick boat ride through the Bayano lake, where you can see all the petrified trees (it is an artificial lake) and you`ll be at the entrance of the caves, where the adventure starts.  Important! you need to be fit for this trip! Brett does a good job preparing you on what to expect, he knows the place pretty well and have a great relationship with the small community that lives there. But you do need to pull off your part! following his suggestions is a good idea.

I won´t spoil the fun by telling you everything you`ll see. You have to go and do it. Indiana Jones might be a good reference (if you are in your mid 30`s!!! ).   Enjoy the photos, and if  you get inspired, contact Brett at

tree Bayano canyon going in lunch petrified trees rocks IMG_0244

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