Football Fever in Casco Viejo: Panama vs Mexico

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

It is football season in Panama, everyone seems to be aware of when, where and against whom the Panamanian team is playing.  Since I cheer for everyone (a bad habit that can get me into trouble if I`m on the wrong side of the fence), I have left it to chance and destiny to learn when there is a game. Luckily, in Casco Viejo it is impossible not to know, for several reasons:

1. Everyone wears red (the team color) all day long, all week long

2. Conversations tend to be football oriented, no matter what you are talking about (which makes it really interesting!, and I`ve tried different themes)

3. You can watch the whole thing just walking around the streets of Casco.

The results are known depending on the emotional state of the whole neighborhood: complete silence after midnight? we lost.  Party time? we won. Fireworks? we won, “on-your-face-bigtime!”

Last night there were fireworks and general happiness!!! big congratulations to the Panamanian team because it was a tough one against Mexico`s big boys.  Sunday is the next one! tune to the streets of Casco!

football fever Casco Viejo


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