New! Guayabera opens a store in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo

The Guayabera is a classic image of tropical elegance. Usually associated with Cuba, many don´t know it has always been very popular in Panama because it has a flair that reminds us of our traditional “camisilla”.  I remember being always envious of those fresh shirts men got to wear, until recently, when “Panabrisa” started making dresses for women on the same style. Loved them!

So you can imagine my enthusiasm when “Guayaberas”, the store that carries Panabrisa (a brand with more than 50 years designing and selling guayaberas) showed an interest in Casco Viejo. After a lot of back and forth, specially putting up with the repairs of the roads in the area, finally they took a big step yesterday and opened their doors to the public.  I rushed in and grabbed my ticket to be the first customer!

They have really nice stuff, from the classic male models to dresses (and if you ask they also have baby guayaberas!).  Also they have pillow cases, bags and other products like designed hats and jewerly by Annie Chajin.

Go check them out! where? corner of 4th and A Avenue, in front of Arco! Miriam Pons will be there to help you choose or take special requests ( )

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And see their product here:

And photos!


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