Teatro Amador is Back!

Panama, Casco Viejo, Santa Ana

Teatro Amador is a beautiful theater located in Santa Ana, just after the traffic light. It always caught my imagination because of my father`s stories about his childhood. He used to go there to watch movies (at some point it was both theater and movie theater), specially Flash Gordon. For $0.15 a day, you could stay there for hours, because first would be the news, then a raffle or similar and finally the movie.

Finally, the theater has been restored and it is breaking several marks in one: it is the first privately restored theater and the first renovated building in Santa Ana, marking a new era for the area.

This Friday, the soft opening will be dedicated to Casco Viejo`s neighbors, specially members of the AVACA group. We are glad to see new and interesting concepts entering the area, and very specially history being brought back!

Needless to say…. I`m taking dad to the opening! can´t wait!!!

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