Shopping for Antiques in Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

One of the founders of Arco Properties had a passion for antique furniture. I learned a lot from him, developing an eye for interesting stuff hidden in the houses in the barrio. I always thought there would be a good niche for an “antique stuff” district in Panama, and that it should logically be in Casco Viejo. Well, I think I got my wish! little by little…

That place is Plaza Arango. A few steps away from Las Clementinas, you will find now three antique vendors, one beside the other. The oldest one in the street basically has no name, you just bounce into it. He has a good collection of silver spoons, forks and then the classic bottles, water pitches, etc. Old records too!

Next to it, and the newest in the block is a “garage sale” of antiques. Big and small furniture, including the classic sewing machines that make for beautiful desks and tables. They even have a barber chair!

To its left you can find Canal Zone. Probably the best window and wider collection. They have plenty of things from the old Canal Zone times, so you can mix and match.

Now you can stroll and shop for antiques in Casco, fantastic! as it would be anywhere in the world, remember always to bargain!

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