Carnivals are almost here!

Panama Casco Viejo

This weekend, the whole country will go upside down. Almost everyone in Panama City will travel to the country side, in a massive exodus to celebrate until Wednesday all they can celebrate. Many will be with their families, and towns like Las Tablas, Penonomé and just anything with beaches will be the primary destinations.

This year we`ll stay behind, in Casco Viejo, and enjoy the almost unbelievable transformation of an entire capital gone ghost town! What we`ll do in Casco? probably join the kids who will run after anyone they see with a bucket of water and throw it on top just to run and hide (or not even hide but laugh their heads off). The second best attraction is to see the improvised band that always ends up in Calle 4ta and Calle 5ta playing with anything they can find (bottles, boxes, frankly, anything)!.  They can actually sing! even after beer…

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