Veggie Moon: new restaurant in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo

First Street welcomed last week Veggie Moon, Casco Viejo`s first elegant gourmet fish/vegetarian restaurant.

Now, before we start mixing labels! I know that trying to pin down this can be tricky.  Let`s clarify something right away: this is not a 100% vegetarian place. Here you will find fish and seafood, and they took care of showing the kitchen so that customers could see that they are being prepared in different areas with the utmost care.

I ordered a beautiful lentil soup (made with rosemary) and a eggplant agnoloti. Claudia, the owner, is Venezuelan- Italian, and the chef is Italian as well.  Both recipes were really tasty and the white wine was the right choice. Both dishes fully recommended.

This was literally their first week! congratulations to Claudia and José for bringing a new concept to Casco!Ps. loved the chandelier…


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