Celebrating December Drinking Saril

Panama Casco Antiguo

Saril, the vibrant red spicy juice every Panamanian loves to drink in Christmas time! for the first time I was able to grow the plant in my backyard, and finally drink 100% “organic” saril!!!  I didn´t even know how to make it, as there is this mystic about the recipe, but Mario, the town painter who is from Chiriquí and loves to plant told me to boil the flowers as if I was making tea with a bit of giger and clove.  I didn´t have clove, but ginger I have always tons in the house.

Did it yesterday…. beautiful!

He said it was good “for the blood”, so I had to google it… and here is Wikipedia (of course) with tons of information of this plant that is called so many different names around the world:  Wikipedia here.  Conclusion: apparently it is being used for a lot of stuff, not limited to: anti hipertension, cardiac diseases, laxative, diuretic, and it is “claimed to heal sores in camels”.


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