Thanksgiving is coming!

Panama, Casco Viejo

The 22nd is almost around the corner. People are thinking on what to cook and the upcoming holidays.  Yes, Thanksgiving is here and AVACA`s annual party gets better every time.  As it has become a tradition, the party tried to pick up a place that has recently opened to business, so everyone in the community gets to know it.  This year, the party will be at the roof terrace of Tantalo at the corner of 8th and B Avenue.  As Casco`s community grows, it is exciting to see new neighbors joining. Specially if they cook well! (unlike me, who will probably have to ask a local restaurant to help me…. hey! still valid!!! anything not to pay the $25-empty-hand- fee at the door…)

If you are an AVACA member (and even if you are not but you live in Casco!) please come! rsvp Clara at  She has done a wonderful job organizing the party and making sure everyone gets their bowls after the feast.  Please do contact her and if you already know what you`ll take let her know.

Here are some photos of our last Thanksgiving at Casa del Horno, and the previous one at Las Clementinas. Enjoy and see you there!


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