Panama`s History Jewel: Endara`s Museum

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo


I think I might have written about photographer Carlos Endara before.  Last week, I participated of a tour to this private museum and ran around like a little kid.  I mean, it is so beautiful and interesting! to see his work, how he captured with his lens life of Panama`s early republic. How his “low – fi” studio is the coolest thing I`ve ever seen in terms of historic houses, and I can assure you everything works as every “built to last forever” technology does.

Right now, they have an exhibition of the Chinese community in Panama. Wonderful!  My best finding? he was married to a lady called Clementinas! I had to laugh thinking on how I could plausibly run a rumor between Carlos Endara and one of the Clementinas (hum, mother or daugher? supposedly the mother widowed and the daughter never married.) from the hotel Las Clementinas.  Hey, why not? The houses happen to be actually quite close to each other!!!  you see, that is how you get a rumor started…my own historic publicity stunt. Love it.


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