My Eco Christmas Tree 2012: Cans and Glass


Panama Casco Viejo

A couple of years ago, I started creating my own Christmas Tree with recycled materials.  My first one was with newspaper, plastic bags and stuff I found at Casco Viejo`s beach.  The second year I did one with plastic bottles, also gathered from the beach.  That year we did a cute one for Plaza Catedral, where kids worked with a local artist and the tree was a complete success!

Then I moved and since I don´t have much space for a big tree, I changed to mini trees.  My next tree was with glass bottles, small perrier bottles from the Casco`s local recycling warehouse (they receive only glass, so far).

This year, I changed to cans and washed glass pieces from the beach. The cans were my dog´s food cans!  So here it is, my 2012 mini eco Christmas Tree!

Eco Christmas Tree 2012


Here are some of my past trees!

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