Casco Viejo`s Historic Cement Tiles Get Noticed

Panama Casco Viejo

A couple of weeks ago we ran into Marcos Cajina from Granada Tiles, a Nicaraguan company that makes beautiful tiles.  I didn´t know he had a blog, but  when a friend sent us his posting featuring Casco Viejo`s original tiles… I had to smile, because we love it too…

Realtor confession time: as realtors in Casco Viejo, one of the adrenaline rushes we experience when dealing with a new unrestored building is precisely finding out whether there is any trace of the original tile.  And when we do find it, we go “wao, did you see this? come and see it! check it out”, and of course, photos, photos, photos. Can´t help it!

So check it out! Here is Marcos Cement Tile blog featuring what he saw in Casco.

And here are some of my photos, from tiles we found under piles of dirt and tiles that have been reproduced with lovely care into restored homes.

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