Casconian at Fashion Week Panama

Panama Casco Viejo

Yesterday I saw designer Fernanda Quirós working like crazy in her atelier in Casco Viejo. She was preparing for Fashion Week Panama, which starts today at Atlapa.

I have to say, I have a soft spot for people who know how to do things, create, with their own hands.  I can´t even pick up a needle gracefully. But Fernanda was cutting, putting together stuff with the speed and grace of a dancer.  Beautiful dresses were being pack right next to her, getting ready to become  a fantasy on the runway.  Her friend Gisela was next to her, she is also a designer and has started to think about giving workshops for teenagers in Casco Viejo.

I just loved being there, hearing about these two young girls making things happen with the power of their brains, their dreams and their hands.

“I think it could be a lot of fun” Gisela said, referring to the possibility of teenage girls learning how to do their own line of clothing.  From Fernanda I can see that the path of success takes also being 100% down to earth while also being able to dream and work hard.

Congratulations to both!  If you want to check out Fernanda`s work, please visit her fanpage at Facebook:  HERE

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