5th Anniversary of Super Gourmet Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo

“Super G” is now 5 years old!.  Since the beginning they became a “Casco Classic”, everyone`s favorite hangout and the place where you could find everything from that last minute thing you needed for dinner/lunch/breakfast to a good friend.

I`ve always loved the fact that we got to name a sandwich at Super G. Our only claim to fame happened because one of our staff loved a specific sandwich that was not on the menu, and they kept making it specially for him… until they decided just to put it up as the “Arco”! Love it!

Not sure I can count all the great experiences that the community has enjoyed through this time because of Blayne, Jazmina and Super G. From watching football games to being one of the first Art Block Casco Viejo sponsors!

To Blayne and Jazmina, congratulations and happy, happy, happy 5th!


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