Lifestyle in Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama, Casco Antiguo

When I talk about how it is living in Casco Viejo, I know people don´t believe me.  I`m sure they have a hard time imagining it. ButI keep trying to explain (as if I could with words), with phrases like “you know, like in a pueblito” (small town).  It is so true and in so many levels! people keep telling me how this should be 100% restored and this and the other. But the beauty of Casco is not only the fact that it is human scale… but that it is human.

That is why I had to smile when my friend from Eye on Panama sent me this blog he just did about his experience as an intern in a local store. It can´t get more authentic than this… and this is why we love it here. Go Casco!

To see the full story, click here: EYE ON PANAMA


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