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Lifestyle in Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama, Casco Antiguo When I talk about how it is living in Casco Viejo, I know people don´t believe me.  I`m sure they have a hard time imagining it. ButI keep trying to explain (as if I could with words), with phrases like “you know, like in a pueblito” (small town).  It is so true and in so many levels! people keep telling me how this should be 100% restored and this and the other. But the beauty of Casco is not only the fact that it is human scale… but that it is human. That is why I had … Continue reading

Di Vino Wine Tasting Tonight

Panama Casco Viejo Last year, Di Vino did an interesting cycle of wine tastings, with a specialist that would take you all over the World. If you missed it, tonight they`ll start a second cycle! Argentinian wines, $28 starting at 7 p.m.

Dolce Idea opens in Casco Viejo!

New icecream shop in Casco Viejo. At Plaza Bolivar, “Dolce Idea” has creamy, beautiful icecreams. This was supposed to be my diet week, but I got tempted through a friend. Glad I tried them!

Tomatoes are here!

Panama Casco Viejo Rainy day, I went to check on the tomatoes… and guess what? they are already here! the cherry tomatoes were ready to go, the others are still green but growing.  Fantastic!

Endara Historic Photos at MAC

Panamá Casco Viejo Carlos Endara was one of the best known photographers during Panama`s early days as a Republic. He was Ecuatorian, but lived most of his life in Panama (1865-1954).  His home in Casco Viejo was beautifully restored by the Lewis family, and turned into a private museum.  Part of the collection is being shown for the first time at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Will be there until October!

Sophia Laurel Catering Service in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo – Casco Antiguo Sophia is a Casco Viejo neighbor and chef who formed with a group of friends “Pot to Plate”, an NGO that is working with local children, teaching them how to grow their own food. Now, she is opening her catering business, with a really cool concept: no time to cook? she`ll cook all your lunches and dinners for a week, so you can eat healthy and use your time well. In essence, she is offering 3 types of services: Fridge and freezer safe meals cooked once a week in your home. Cooking Classes at … Continue reading

Piano Concert Tomorrow at National Theater by Jue Wang

Panama Casco Viejo – Casco Antiguo Tomorrow! Pianist Jue Want will be playing at the National Theater. The concert has been organized by the Asociación Nacional de Conciertos (National Association for Concerts) and will be featuring pieces by Schumann and Chopin.   When: Sept 12 Where: National Theater, Casco Viejo Info: call 214-4848

Calicanto and Danilo Perez Foundations working together: dance and music

Panama Casco Viejo – Casco Antiguo Enlaces, Fundación Calicanto`s dance program, has joined hands with the Danilo Perez Foundation in a dance-music program that will enhance the search and teach artistic talent in the neighborhood. Children from San Felipe, Santa Ana and Chorrillo are participating, choosing whether to play an instrument or dance under the tutoring of international teachers. At the end of this pilot program, the kids will audition to join Enlaces and the Danilo Perez Foundation school permanently!

Improv Park made it to Ellas

Casco Viejo Panama “Ellas” is La Prensa`s Friday magazine, a very widely read publication among Panamanians. Today, they featured the small vertical garden made by AVACA, Sembrarte and Jardines Urbanos, using an abandoned empty lot in Casco Viejo. We love it because it gets the word out there of the creative and positive things that can be done by any citizen/group on virtually no budget.  Thanks to Ellas for noticing and giving Casco Viejo prime space in your magazine! CLICK HERE for their site