Art transforms empty lots into urban gardens in Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo

So you have a neighbor who never takes care of his/her property. Is an empty lot which always ends up full with garbage, overgrown grass and who knows what.  You`ve tried to get in touch with the owner, but nothing gets too much of their attention. You could call the authorities, but, let`s face it, after the fine, it all goes back to square one again because it is an absentee owner, someone who doesn´t live here.

So what do you do?

Transform it with art! make it into something positive that the community can use instead of being a receptacle for graffiti and garbage. Make it pretty!

In a flash intervention, Sembrarte, Aprojusan, Jardines Urbanos and AVACA transformed this empty lot on Sunday.  Kids led by artist Rolo de Sedas painted tires and helped planting the garden. Volunteers erased the graffiti with paint, and helped put the tires up.  More ideas are flowing: let`s put a bench, etc.  This was just the first step.



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