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Casco`s Vertical Garden Growing

Panama Casco Viejo Beautiful! little plants growing! These were planted a couple of weeks ago (see here) by several neighborhood organizations (Sembrarte, AVACA, Jardines Urbanos) and now they are looking good! Tourists and locals have started to notice and take photos of themselves with the art installation.  Amazing how the simplest things can trigger smiles, curiosity and sparks of creativity.

Diablo Rosso`s Restaurant is Back!

Panama Casco Antiguo This week, Casco`s red devils re opened their delicious restaurant. They had moved their gallery from Avenida A into Calle 6ta and A, but of course, the restaurant space took a bit of time to re adapt.  And here they are! Open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. see the information in the flyer:

More art events coming up! Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo Weekend is almost here and art events start piling up.  Tonight, a beautiful concert by Israeli director Shalev- Ad to fundraise for Fundación Soy Capaz, an ngo that deals with autism.  The concert will be at the National Theater tonight at 7: 30 p.m. Saturday, Los del Patio will have their second “Design Fair”, a small fair for young designers to expose jewelry, handcraft and more. They`ll have free tea! Saturday from 3 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Calle 3era, next to the National Theater. Next Friday (August 31st) will be the launch of one of Melissa`s … Continue reading

Upcoming concerts and events in Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama, Casco Viejo Here are some of the upcoming events in Casco Viejo: Events: August 21st: Diablo Rosso. Movie Night and Dinner/ In the Land of Blood and Honey August 22nd: National Theatre: Classical Music Concert by Director Shalev Ad – el and Eva Amsler.  All proceeds will go to Fundación Soy Capaz (Autism) August 31st:  Plastic Paradise at Hostal Panamericana (Plaza Herrera).  Launch of Melissa`s new shoe collection Sept 12th:  National Theater.  Pianist Jue Want (Asoc. Nacional de Conciertos) Offers: Sat 18th:  Casco Station, Have an office in Casco Viejo! get 3 day passes for $11. Sol Yoga: … Continue reading

Teaching Old Style Games to Children in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo Remember jumping rope,  racing through car tires and doing balancing games on top of logs? These were some of the games that Eco Creando worked out last week with children from Aprojusan, mixed with a small art workshop where they learned how to turn plastic bottles into small jewelry boxes. In a world where everything is based on computer games and kids are less and less into physical activities,  I believe this is an important link to being a healthy kid and future balanced adult. This is the kind of small stuff that happens every day here … Continue reading

Casco Viejo`s Balcony Lifestyle

Panama Casco Antiguo Whether they become hanging gardens or barbeque areas, balconies in Casco Viejo are very much part of lifestyle.  Each one very different from the other, for those who are lucky to have more space, lush gardens come out. Some even have hammocks!

Long live the Frog! Casco Viejo Celebrates Golden Frogs

Panama Casco Viejo The Golden Frog is one of Panama`s icons and valuable amphibians . It is also the name of Casco Viejo artisanal beer pub at the entrance of San Felipe.  Now, you know the joke about putting a frog inside a beer glass… wait a second, I think that wasn´t exactly it. Well… doesn´t matter! The important thing is that today we are celebrating the Golden Frog Day along with all the frog specialists in Panama. Raise awareness and raise a glass of good beer tonight at the Rana Dorada in Casco Viejo in support of their scientific … Continue reading

New Business in Casco Viejo: Photo Art Gallery

Panama Casco Viejo Every day I learn something new.  I learned that the word “photo” had a Greek origin and meant something like “writing with light”.  “Esquina Photo”, Casco Viejo`s new business inaugurated last week celebrating this concept by taking photos of all the guests at their “dark room” like gallery writing words in the air using luminescent tubes. The photos came out great! The gallery`s concept is interesting: they`ll have affordable, interesting photography from good amateurs from around the world.  They will be able to carry professionals as well, but the idea is that visitors will be able to … Continue reading

Buying a Two Bedroom in Casco Viejo for Less Than $350,000

Panama Casco Viejo As the historic city moves on with its restoration, opportunities to buy nice two and three bedroom apartments in the $300,000 range become rare.  This is one of the many reasons why we like Mano de Tigre, Conservatorio`s most recently launched project in Plaza Herrera. You can get two bedrooms starting at $312,000 and even some of them are convertible into three. But those will go in another posting, today we`ll check out the two bedrooms only. First, the main facade with a summary of how many bedrooms and prices: Now, let`s see how the first level … Continue reading

Art transforms empty lots into urban gardens in Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo So you have a neighbor who never takes care of his/her property. Is an empty lot which always ends up full with garbage, overgrown grass and who knows what.  You`ve tried to get in touch with the owner, but nothing gets too much of their attention. You could call the authorities, but, let`s face it, after the fine, it all goes back to square one again because it is an absentee owner, someone who doesn´t live here. So what do you do? Transform it with art! make it into something positive that the community can use instead … Continue reading