Trulia expert says: Real Estate Prices are Going Back Up

Panama Casco Viejo

A friend just sent me an article by Trulia Inc. expert Jed Kolko about the slow recovery of the real estate market mainly in the US.  It is a well balanced article, so I thought on sharing it with you.

It was interesting what Mr. Kolko had to say about markets like New York and San Francisco. His message was that areas where product was limited, beautiful and desired (or productive) would keep appreciating over time.  Proportions guarded, that`s the way we feel about Casco Viejo, Panama.

Being a historic district where availability of product will always be on the “limited edition” category, Casco Viejo also shares characteristics such as being one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Panama City. Also it is one of the only walking districts (if not the only one).  In short, is a niche within a niche, where your investment will likely grow organically in time.

Here is the article, we hope you enjoy it:

Real Estate Prices Are Going Back Up

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