Live, Love, Learn Casco Viejo: Cool Volunteering

Panama Casco Viejo

Being part of a community is why Casco Viejo appeal to so many.  It is a place that welcomes volunteering, where you can make a difference with your own hands, from helping your neighbor`s kid to spay his dog to participate in bigger projects like beach and street cleanings.

Two great examples happened these past two weeks: a big beach cleaning involving the already “famous” Green Patrol (a group of children from Casco who patrol the streets raising awareness about garbage and recycling) and today, a massive garbage tank painting by volunteers from the company Diageo.

The results provide with immediate satisfaction: the beach is a great playground for young and adults alike, plus are a tourism attraction.  And now, thanks to Diageo volunteers and their “Learning for Life” team, Casco Viejo will doble the number of garbage cans available in the historic city, each one painted by a volunteer and Panamanian artists.  Two goals in one shot: to help clean while inspiring with beauty.



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