Community Beautifies Casco Viejo`s Streets

Panama Casco Viejo


I love it when things work out, specially those that bring people together and where a clear result can be seen and touched.  That is the case of this mini community project that was born during the Street Cleaning project AVACA did a month ago.

The idea was to wash the face of some of the streets in Casco, and try to take over with art in order to re discover their beauty.  Specifically on 8th street, this goal is close to completion! thanks to AVACA, Generation Peace Academy and neighbors from the area, specially Reggie and Cherie, owners of Magnolia Inn.

The works included: pressure washing the street, painting the fasades, getting donations for big concrete plant pots and for dirt and plants.  The photos you`ll see are a bright contrast from the street we used to know, all dirty and dark.

The next phase will be involving artists to come and paint the wooden panels that have been left out.  Rolando De Sedas, from the ngo Sembrarte, will be in charge of this artistic project.  He has already intervened other public spaces and is the creative mind behind the garbage cans AVACA has been donating to Casco Viejo.

Great work! looking forward to see the final result!! already it is a wonderful change.

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