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Auto Guided Tours in 6 Languages in Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama Casco Viejo Check out Guías Express: Perfect for travelers who like the freedom of discovering a place by themselves but also to have the information at hand.  They are audioguides that come in six different languages and have information about Casco`s main historic landmarks.  You can rent yours at Los Del Patio (3rd Street and Central) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. . They cost $12.50 and they are set up in six languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Here is the info: Phone: (507) 6265-8071 Email: Where to get them? 3rd Street and Central, at … Continue reading

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo Who didn´t read all those Agatha Christie novels where a group of people go to dinner and one gets murdered? it is a classic of all times: one of the guest did it, just we don´t know who he/she is.   When the detective shows up he/she finds that everyone in the room had a reason to kill the victim. Exciting! Just as in an episode of Murder She Wrote, Casco Viejo will have it`s first Murder Mystery Dinner! Get “killed” and support a good cause while at it… All the details here including menu! Where? At Magnolia … Continue reading

Trulia expert says: Real Estate Prices are Going Back Up

Panama Casco Viejo A friend just sent me an article by Trulia Inc. expert Jed Kolko about the slow recovery of the real estate market mainly in the US.  It is a well balanced article, so I thought on sharing it with you. It was interesting what Mr. Kolko had to say about markets like New York and San Francisco. His message was that areas where product was limited, beautiful and desired (or productive) would keep appreciating over time.  Proportions guarded, that`s the way we feel about Casco Viejo, Panama. Being a historic district where availability of product will always … Continue reading

Beautiful Garbage Tanks by Diageo

Panama Casco Viejo In my last post I didn´t get to show the finished product.  It is gorgeous! Thanks so much to Diageo volunteers, to AVACA and Paul, to the Santa Familia Community Center and to Sembrarte for setting this up!

Delicious Lamb Burrito at Clementinas

Panama Casco Viejo This burrito is so good it actually deserves a space in my blog!  I know, that is kind of silly. But I liked it a lot! They bring you this nice curry mayonnaise at the side if you want to put it in. Fantastic!  It is on Clementinas new menu, so go and check it out!

Live, Love, Learn Casco Viejo: Cool Volunteering

Panama Casco Viejo Being part of a community is why Casco Viejo appeal to so many.  It is a place that welcomes volunteering, where you can make a difference with your own hands, from helping your neighbor`s kid to spay his dog to participate in bigger projects like beach and street cleanings. Two great examples happened these past two weeks: a big beach cleaning involving the already “famous” Green Patrol (a group of children from Casco who patrol the streets raising awareness about garbage and recycling) and today, a massive garbage tank painting by volunteers from the company Diageo. The … Continue reading

New Casco Viejo Real Estate Project: Mano de Tigre

Panama Casco Viejo Most people that has been following up Casco Viejo know how difficult it is to find spacious units, specially over two bedrooms.   You basically have to build your own home from scratch using quite a large property to get beyond that. That is quite normal in historic districts, where there are very limited opportunities to develop larger homes, and this is what makes Mano de Tigre exceptional, among other things. Spacious one bedrooms that are enjoyed all in one level,  two bedrooms that can grow with you as your family grows and starts needing a third … Continue reading

Live, Love, Learn Casco Viejo: Breathing & Relaxation

Panama Casco Viejo Casco Viejo, 6:30 a.m. Looking at the ocean and beautiful Las Bóvedas. Juan Gomez, Espacio Karuna`s yoga instructor and Thai massage specialist is giving a relaxation technique class based on breathing.  Surrounded by the ocean breeze and sounds, we breathe in and breathe out, belly in, belly out.  Half hour of this, strangely, I didn´t grow dizzy but relaxed.  I wanted to go straight back to bed, but instead, I walked back home for a nice fruity breakfast.  And then walked to my office. These are the small daily miracles I love from living and working in … Continue reading

“The Other Lake” contemporary dance at National Theatre, Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo “El Otro Lago” or “The Other Lake” is a contemporary dance production by dancer Fernando Hurtado based on the classic ballet Swan Lake.  About 90 dancers on stage, which makes it by far one of the largest productions ever in Panama.  July 14th and 15th at the National Theatre, see the flyer for more details. And here is a Youtube video of another piece by Fernando:    

Casco Viejo at Ports D` Attache, Canada

Panama Casco Viejo Ports D`Attache is a Canadian TV Show that features port cities around the world.  They filmed an episode in Panama, featuring Casco Viejo.  The entire episode is in French and English, très cool! enjoy!