Stressed? come to Casco Viejo on Sunday July 22nd

Panama Casco Viejo


After walking from Casco Viejo to Ancon Hill the other day, I felt like I needed a full massage.  I mean, it was only a couple of hours, but with the dog pulling on multiple directions after every wild and urban life she saw on the way, I was feeling like a big knot.  Luckily, Juan, from Espacio Karuna, is always a phone call away! His specialty is Thai massage, so it will seem like you are being tied into another knot, but the next day you`ll feel really great!

He also sent me this information about an event he will host at Los Del Patio at the ends of July, where he`ll combine Thai massage with yoga, meditation and other therapies.  An interesting and relaxing way to spend a Sunday in Casco!

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