Bajareque Coffee Shop Opens in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo

Walking by Calle 1era, next to Platea and in front of the ruins of the old Club Union, you`ll bump into “Bajareque Coffee Shop”.  Wilford Lamastus from Chiriquí is the owner, and his family has been in the coffee business at Panama´s highlands forever.  The place has a wonderful coffee aroma, as he roasts it right there: you can see the big machine exposed at the central property.

Wilford loves coffee! he has there several grains to expose, one for each step of the process and can tell you stories about what taste like which.  For my ice coffee, he chose a toasted grain that still had its shell, it tasted super nice and light! He also has the famous Geisha coffee, for real coffee connoisseurs.

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