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Elegant and Playful, Pension Panamericana hostal is opening in Casco Viejo (Panama)

Panama Casco Viejo I think I`ve officially moved out of the backpacking years, but I would totally make an exception to stay at Pension Panamericana at Plaza Herrera in Casco Viejo.  It is a fun place done with great taste and a fresh view on Panama`s culture. Still on the works, but close (very close!) to opening, this place is going to be fabulous.  The artists interpreted Panama in a beautiful way, taking the meaning of the word (which supposedly means abundance of fish, trees and butterflies) and filled the spaces with references.  Check out the photos! Also the views … Continue reading

Stressed? come to Casco Viejo on Sunday July 22nd

Panama Casco Viejo   After walking from Casco Viejo to Ancon Hill the other day, I felt like I needed a full massage.  I mean, it was only a couple of hours, but with the dog pulling on multiple directions after every wild and urban life she saw on the way, I was feeling like a big knot.  Luckily, Juan, from Espacio Karuna, is always a phone call away! His specialty is Thai massage, so it will seem like you are being tied into another knot, but the next day you`ll feel really great! He also sent me this information … Continue reading

Bajareque Coffee Shop Opens in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo Walking by Calle 1era, next to Platea and in front of the ruins of the old Club Union, you`ll bump into “Bajareque Coffee Shop”.  Wilford Lamastus from Chiriquí is the owner, and his family has been in the coffee business at Panama´s highlands forever.  The place has a wonderful coffee aroma, as he roasts it right there: you can see the big machine exposed at the central property. Wilford loves coffee! he has there several grains to expose, one for each step of the process and can tell you stories about what taste like which.  For my … Continue reading

Real Estate Casco Viejo: Renting Residential and Commercial Now

Panama Casco Viejo July is coming up, and people coming into Casco from all around the world are looking to rent. So, what is available in Casco Viejo right now for long term leases (6 months to a year)? pros and cons of properties and Arco`s recommendations. But first, lets make a BIG disclosure: Casco Viejo right now is very noisy. Why? because there is a lot going on in terms of construction, mainly due to a government project where they are restoring most of the streets within San Felipe. So, if you are noise sensitive and plan to be … Continue reading

Beautiful video of HP volunteers at Fundacion Calicanto

Panama Casco Viejo Volunteering is a great way to support the social work ngo`s in Casco Viejo and specially Fundación Calicanto are doing.  This is a beautiful example. If you would like to connect with Calicanto, just go HERE or to their Facebook Page.  

Photographic Show by Bill Bytsura at Le Petite Bretagne in Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo This Wednesday, starting at 6 p.m., wonderful photos will be shown by Casconian Bill Bytsura at Casco Viejo`s creperie “Le Petite Bretagne”.  Located at Central Avenue corner with 11th street, it is an easy spot to get to and park around.   Most locals will identify the area because it is steps away from the Lottery building and the Police Station.  Great landmarks!