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Saint Malo Music Festival 2012 Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo Is here! the annual Saint Malo music Festival inaugurates today at the National Theater, this year dedicated to Gonzalo Brenes, a well known Panamanian musician and professor.  The entire event will be from May 31st to June 10th. Here is the event calendar, book in advance! EVENT CALENDAR HERE  

Results of Cleaning Campaign at Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo To educate takes time, specially if it involves changing habits! However challenging, the best way to go about it is with fun stuff.  For a bit more than a week, volunteers from Generation Peace Academy (USA) and AVACA had been leading an educational campaign to raise awareness about garbage. They`ve painted tanks and murals with children at school, cleaned streets, talked to neighbors one on one, and patrolled with kids from APROJUSAN every afternoon, each day with a different message ranging from individual responsibility to recycling. Here are some of the most fun photos. The results so … Continue reading

Walkable Districts Hold and Increase in Value

Panama Casco Viejo This is an interesting article that supports what common sense has known for ages: people like living in human scale communities, where they can walk around.  I love the fact that someone else said it, because it is one of the things I really enjoy from this over 300 year old neighborhood called Casco Viejo. See the full article here: New housing forecast mostly good for walkable communities

Green Patrol takes over Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo   AVACA`s 11 days for a better neighborhood campaign started on Friday. Among the many activities is the Green Patrol, a group made of children and volunteers who will patrol Casco Viejo non stop for 11 days reminding people about how to deal with garbage, schedules and even recycling tips. On Friday, they took all the restaurants in Casco by storm, gathering key information to help design a better strategy to collect garbage.  Today, they went around reminding people about the correct schedule to take out their garbage. Thumbs up to the Green Patrol!

Diablo Rosso moves to Calle 6ta Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo Casco Viejo`s artistic devil is moving to a new location! still within the Casco, they are moving just one block away into Calle 6ta.  For most Casconians, they`ll know the street as the street of Casa Arias, or simply the one in front of Super G. The inauguration is tonight, at 7 p.m.  Phone: 228-4833

Homegrown dinner at Casco Viejo!

Panama Casco Viejo “Pot to Plate” is an NGO that promotes home grown food.  Their workshops teach kids how to grow their own food and chef Sophie works with them so they can make nice, simple meals. Now, they are organizing a special dinner with all home grown food to raise funds for the afterschool program (APROJUSAN) and for Pot to Plate.  The event will be at Santa Familia`s Community Center on May 25th, at 7 p.m.  Cost: $15, tickets can be bought at Casco Antiguo Spanish School ( ) .  If you would like more info, just email Pot … Continue reading

Afternoons at the Fish Market`s Pier in Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo There is always activity at the Fish Market and its next door pier. However, when the sun goes down a little bit, around 5  ish, you can see people hanging out at the cevicherias, with the classic “Panamanian ceviche” on one hand and a beer on the other. Fishermen and people traveling from as far as Darien come here to cool down, which makes for an interesting showcase of Panamanian culture! meet them all… in one spot!

Neighborhood Pup helps Casco Viejo Businesses

Panama Casco Viejo If you live in Casco, most likely you know “Lola” , one of the cutest dogs in the neighborhood.  She loves walking around with Betty and Craig, sniffing, saying “hi” to everybody.  So when she learned some of the businesses in Calle 1era where struggling due to a street repair program by the government that has blocked access to some areas, she came up with a great idea: “Lola`s Flash Cash” a “happy hour” event where neighbors would come in with a minimum of $10 each and ready to spend more. So the first Lola FlashCash was … Continue reading

Casco Viejo at Monocle!

Panama Casco Viejo Interesting interview from Alexis Masciarelli about how Casco Viejo developers see the future of the historic town.  Starting at minute 18:00, the interview covers not only the business aspects of development and investing, but also the vision of those involved in reviving this 300 year UNESCO World Heritage Site. INTERVIEW HERE  

Casco Viejo`s neighbors start educational campaign

Panama Casco Viejo Next week, Casco Viejo`s neighborhood and friends association (AVACA) will be joining hands with a dynamic group to launch for the first time ever in the historic district an 11 day campaign to create awareness in the community about recycling and garbage.  The team is  made of twenty volunteers coming from USA (Generation Peace) plus residents, business owners, local and international NGO`s and the calendar of activities is a mix of everything: working with schools, art workshops, gardening workshops, one on one visits and conversations with residents and businesses and even a Green Patrol where kids will … Continue reading