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Calicanto celebrated graduation No. 18

Casco Viejo, Panama Yesterday, at the Canal Museum in Casco Antiguo, Fundacion Calicanto celebrated the 18th graduation of their CAPTA program.  This program prepares women from the neighborhood to work as house keepers in hotels, but it actually gives them much more:  the full cycle includes self esteem modules that help them effectively break the cycle of poverty.  From personal finances to emotional intelligence,  it lights a small flame of hope that now can grow with them and extend to their families. Each graduation has 20 women, which means the program has transformed the lives of 360 families.  Thanks to … Continue reading

Panama Film Festival: What, Where, When

Three days to go!  and Casco Viejo will be the heart of all the red carpet galas for the International Film Festival Panama. Businesses are offering great packages like Clementinas: with your movie ticket enjoy their pre cocktail. Reserve for dinner and enjoy their  valet parking and golf cart pick up/ drop off to the National Theatre.  Can´t think of anything easier than that! Also, Casco Viejo will have an outdoors “Cineplex” with children`s movies, Italian movies (courtesy of Di Vino) and Sports Movies (by El Sitio del Casco).  They will all be running from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., … Continue reading

Earth Day Coming!

This is my small “Earth Day” celebration for Casco Viejo: I went out and took a bunch of photos of the flowers and trees that everyday surprise us with their beauty.  Also you`ll find photos of the new Urban Garden at Calle 4ta and just greenery that sticks out from balconies and windows. “Like a great poet, Nature knows how to produce the greatest effects with the most limited means.” – Heinrich Heine

Pot to Plate at Casco Viejo starts Workshops

Beautiful! Volunteers at Pot to Plate in Casco Viejo have started to gear up their workshops for the local community.  They have given a couple of informal ones, but this week they had a “hands on” event with the kids at Aprojusan, an NGO that works with children of Casco Viejo and is located at the Santa Familia Community Center in Calle 4ta.  You can follow them on Facebook too. Check out this beautiful plant pots made by the kids themselves! Congratulations for the good work to Pot to Plate! keep it up!

El Casqueño Invita: Panama City Real Estate Market by Kent Davis

If you are interested in real estate in Panama, whether you are a broker or an investor, you can´t miss this interesting talk by Kent Davis.  As we say in Panama “zero bla bla bla”, straight forward information from his database.  What is selling… and what is not! (and who is buying… at what prices!). Where: Las Clementinas When: April 19th, 7:30 a.m. Includes: breakfast, parking Language: English For Reservations: check out the flyer!

Artisanal Brewing in Casco Viejo: La Rana Dorada

The first time I tasted artisanal beer was in Cuba. I remember being amazed at the machinery, the beautiful tanks and pipes… and the product was a lot of fun! Guess what? now we have one in Casco Viejo! check out La Rana Dorada: Located in front of the Centenario park in Casco Viejo, just at the very entrance to San Felipe, it has an outdoors terrace, so you can bring your dog! (always appreciated for all of us dog owners!).  The space is well done, but the commanding piece is the beer brewery.  Fantastic! they produce all sorts of … Continue reading

Shopping temptation: Papiro y Yo

Every time I enter Papiro y Yo I end up wanting to buy the entire store. It is one of my favorite places to get small gifts when I travel (and just for myself).  They have a beautiful collection of things ranging from jewelry made with recycled materials (even fish scales, which was the traditional way to make jewelry in Panama) to organic honey, woven bags and hand made greeting cards. Papiro y Yo is at the back of Hotel Central, you`ll bump into their handmade hats and bags … no risk of getting lost! Here are some photos:

Easter concert at Casco Viejo by German Embassy

The German Embassy in Panama and the Asociacion Nacional de Conciertos are hosting a beautiful a capella concert this Easter weekend.  The performance will be at the National Theatre, check out details here:

International Film Festival at Casco Viejo, Panama

Henk Van der Kolk, his wife Yanka and their partner Pituka Heilbron are a dynamic trio.  They are organizing for the first time in Panama an international film festival, based on Henk`s experience creating the Toronto Film Festival.  Yesterday, we met with Pituka and we learned that the festival will be hosting all its gala nights in Casco Viejo at the National Theatre.  No better place to host with elegance! So, here it is: the International Film Festival in Panama will be held from April 26th to May 2nd.  If you want to check out the FULL schedule of the … Continue reading

Two Parties at Two Panamanian Historic Sites: Panama Viejo and Casco Antiguo

This weekend, a special event put in the map of young Panamanians two historic towns that are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Panama La Vieja and Casco Viejo.  Gabo Castillo from Hip Magazine and clothing designer Annie Chajin decided to do a “man to man” (or woman?) competition to see who could get the best party going. Gabo picked Panama La Vieja and Annie kept her turff at Casco Viejo. It was a complete success, both towns were filled up with people that came from everywhere.  Casco Viejo offered probably the best package: the “ruta del Casco” (the path of … Continue reading