Passport to Casco Viejo, Panama

Yes, you read correctly, no need to adjust your screen: Casco Viejo has finally managed to get its own passport!

For me as a Panamanian is extremely funny, because being such a small country we do have a separatist province called Chiriquí. There, the “claim” for a new country has translated into the funniest merchandise ever, which of course includes their own “Chiriquí Passport”, their flag and so on.  For the longest time I`ve repressed thoughts of Casco doing the same, but not anymore! From now on, I declare myself Casco-Centric (not that you wouldn´t have noticed that before in my blog), but now I`m out in the open and shameless about it: We have a cool passport that on top of being cute gives you great access to what`s going on here!

This passport is a beautiful small booklet called  “Casco`s Route” and includes discounts and offers on a lot of Casco Viejo restaurants and businesses. It will be launched on the 30th of March, at 4 p.m. at Habana Panama, which will include a cool party afterwards until 11 p.m.  If you already have a passport, don´t forget to bring it,  you`ll be eligible for prizes!


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