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Financial Times Features Casco Viejo Entrepreneur

  Casco Viejo is a place for passion, vision and entrepreneurship.  While nothing is physically “big” here, the impact that each entrepreneur is able to achieve by perseverance and the right vision is encouraging.  To take risks, to thrive for authenticity, to work like hell and to love every piece of it. If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you can`t miss this article by John Paul Rathbone: NEW LIFE FROM OLD FOUNDATIONS

Upcoming Events at Casco Viejo, Panama

Here is the list of the upcoming events from El Casqueño Invita: Upcoming Breakfast Seminars and Events:E-Books: The Ultimate Panama Hobby By: Matt Landau, founder of The Panama Report, owner of Los CuatroTulipanes March 29th 2012, at Las Clementinas: After meeting someone who changed Matt Landau’s life within seconds, he went about to write an E-Book. Selling his book at $100 and having sold hundreds and hundreds of copies, he saw the business opportunity in E-Books. Matt Landau will explain how he built his business, where he did his biggest mistakes, where his path is leading him now and why … Continue reading

Casco Viejo neighbor published work at New York Magazine

Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo, Casconians!   Bill Bytsura has been a Casconian for quite a while now.  You can see him backstage at the Panama Jazz Festival or walking around Casco Viejo with his professional camera around his neck.  The material I always saw from him was related to the Panama Jazz Festival (by the Danilo Perez Foundation), but this week, he sent me this link with his photos published in a very special article: “Pictures from a Battlefield” which talks about the people who started fighting AIDS almost twenty five years ago. The photos are amazing capturing all the … Continue reading

Writer without budget to publish a book? come to Clementinas!

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Las Clementinas is hosting this Thursday at 7:30 a.m. a very special breakfast for all writers in Panama: how to make an E Book and commercialize it in the right way.   This down to earth guide will be given by Matt Landau, who has had great success at it. So, if you are a writer and have close to zero funds to publish, or even if you do but would like to hit the internet for a broader outreach, this is your opportunity! Here is the info: Thursday 29th, 7:30 a.m. at Las Clementinas. Cost: … Continue reading

Passport to Casco Viejo, Panama

Yes, you read correctly, no need to adjust your screen: Casco Viejo has finally managed to get its own passport! For me as a Panamanian is extremely funny, because being such a small country we do have a separatist province called Chiriquí. There, the “claim” for a new country has translated into the funniest merchandise ever, which of course includes their own “Chiriquí Passport”, their flag and so on.  For the longest time I`ve repressed thoughts of Casco doing the same, but not anymore! From now on, I declare myself Casco-Centric (not that you wouldn´t have noticed that before in … Continue reading

Casco and Panama through the eyes of Travel and Leisure experts

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Imagine this: sixty five journalists/ publishers/ marketing & sales staff from one of the most prestigious travel magazines in the world come to Panama. They want to see Panama in a nutshell: the most authentic pieces we have to offer in less than three days. Not “mission impossible”! Panama has plenty to offer, but such a logistic needed a special strategy. Groups were divided into “Quests” where each group had a specific task, like a game, of finding something, bringing something, eating something, building something, exploring something. Groups went everywhere, from the Embera villages in … Continue reading

Rotary Club USA Volunteers in Casco Viejo

Casco Antiguo Panama Casco Viejo Last week, Casco Viejo`s Neighborhood Association (AVACA) and a group of 15 students from the Rotary Club in the United States dedicated a week of really hard work into helping restore a theater space at Santa Familia`s community center. The theater will be a great addition to the Community Center, which already has a Theater Club and a dance program called Enlaces, where children from Casco Viejo and Chorrillo receive a holistic education that includes not only dance instruction and help with their normal school homework, but also therapy and general support. Enlaces is a … Continue reading

Women Empowerment at Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo, Panama, Casco Antiguo   Last week, Fundacion Calicanto graduated a group of 20 women from Casco Viejo and surrounding areas.  The program they graduated from is called CAPTA (Capacitacion para el Trabajo) which gives them the necessary self esteem and work tools to be able not only to get a job in the hotel industry… but to keep it. The program has already graduated more than 250 women from the area, with an amazing success rate.  They are not only able to get and keep a job, but also able to improve their families. The theory behind the … Continue reading

Casco Invita inaugurates cycle of conferences at Las Clementinas

Casco Viejo Panama, Casco Antiguo El Casqueño, Casco Viejo`s news bulletin started yesterday what will be called “El Casco Invita” (The Casco Invites You): a cycle of conferences that will be held at Las Clementinas once a month. The first conference was given yesterday by Arco Properties, and it gave the opportunity to share for the first time ever updated information focused on real estate in Casco now.  The talk included statistics showing the development of Casco starting in 1996, even before it was designated a World Heritage Site.  It also showed market tendencies, product currently under construction, future product … Continue reading

Openings Tonight at Casco Viejo: Tantalo Hotel, Azarel Studio and more!

Casco Antiguo, Panama, Casco Viejo Tonight! Casco Viejo will host multiple events: first, the opening of “Tantalo Hotel” at the corner of 8th and B Avenue, which promises to be a fun party and then, Azarel Studio which will combine professional photography and beauty salon all in one at Montefiori, corner between Central Avenue and 9th Street. MACRO fest will also continue with its small events and Diablo Rosso will host an art show called “Post Panamax”.   A wonderful night to come to Casco Viejo!