The Garbage Tank Project Grows! More Artists Join to clean Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo, Panama


A project that started small is growing day by day. On Sunday, Casco Viejo`s Friends and Neighborhood Association (AVACA) along with Sembrarte carried out the fifth painting event for garbage tanks. The fourth event was donated by Hotel Herrera and this one by Estrella Azul.

Each event brings an even better quality of concepts, the tanks are coming out beautiful. The artists are organized by Rolando de Sedas from Sembrarte and the “official home of the Pintadera” is Villa Agustina at Plaza Herrera.

Next week, thirty tanks will be distributed throughout Casco Viejo,  providing a much needed space for garbage, but also a playful artistic spirit.

Thumbs up for everyone involved in this project!

If you want to learn more, follow them on Facebook at: Limpiemos Panama Ya

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