Loving Casco Viejo`s Ironman Team

Casco Antiguo, Panama


This past Sunday, over 800 athletes from all around the world competed in the famous Ironman race.  Casco Viejo had two participants (Matt Landau and Eric Theise), which makes them officially the craziest of us all and without a doubt the best “in shape” people in town.   They finished the entire round: swimming, riding bicycle and running for a total of 70.3 miles.  Incredible!

On the cheering crowd we had the Casco Viejo IronMatt team, screaming to the top of our longs!  The official Ironman website commentator said that he had never seen so many people at any event in North or South America waiting at the finishing line, and I believe it, the place was packed.

To Eric and Matt… congratulations! you guys are amazing!

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