Espacio Karuna at Casco Viejo: a space for relaxation

I am a massage fan. I loooove massages.  So, when I heard someone had opened a small massage studio, I called in right away.

Espacio Karuna is a space located inside the Los Del Patio art center, and Juan (the therapist) runs it.  He specializes in thai massage, which is a very “involved” massage where they manipulate your body, stretching it and lifting it.   He also does oriental massage which has a mix of techniques including Swedish massage.

I took the full thai massage to try it out. You need to go with comfortable clothing, like yoga clothing and have plenty of time.  It lasts almost 2 hours, and starts really slowly, so I fell completely asleep during the first part. As the stretching started, then I got to participate more and by the end of the massage my back was really feeling much better. However, if you feel you have knots deep in the muscle, you might want to do a more traditional massage or the oriental.

So, try it out! write your own review! Here is the info:

Juan Gómez:  phone 6241-6240  or email at

His blog HERE

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