The Largest Tree Borne Fruit in the World… in Casco Viejo!

Casco Viejo, Panama, Casco Antiguo

Jeopardy question: “What is Jackfruit”?  here is the answer:

The largest tree borne fruit in the world, jackfruits can sometimes weigh over 75 lbs. Average sized fruits are 1-2 feet long, and 9-12″ wide. Skin is green-yellow, with small spiky knobs, flesh is custard yellow with a banana-like flavor. Fruits may sometimes emit a foul smelling odor emanating from the skin. Jackfruits are extremely popular throughout southeast Asia.

Question No. 2: where else can you find Jackfruit? … in Casco Viejo, Panama… of course! Specifically, right in front of the Benedetti Hermanos building at Central Avenue between 10th and 11th. There are two beautiful trees there and are right now bearing fruit. And what a fruit! check this photo out.  Consider those are my hands in the photo!

Question No. 3: How did it get there?  Well, lets call it an act of “mischievousness” …

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