Neighborhood Christmas Party builds a future for children in Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo, Panama, Casco Antiguo


On Tuesday, “La Vecindad” was packed with children. Almost 200 kids running around, some jumping literally up and down. The party, which started a couple of years ago, was organized by Idalibeth, a local neighbor and supported by AVACA members.

What`s special about this party is that it joins kids from all parts of Casco Viejo, especially those who are sons and daughters of rival gangs deep into the poorest parts of Santa Ana.  Idalibeth herself was part of one of those gangs, until a social program showed her a better way. After that she became an entrepreneur with her mother, and ever since she took control of her own life, she has taken this party to help these kids make friends among them, blurring the imaginary frontiers that adults might still have in their heads. Many of those kids today are part of social programs as well: Enlaces (Calicanto), Aprojusan, Fundación San Felipe, Fundación Danilo Pérez, Fundación Olga Sinclair and even the Scouts.  Here is where the future is being made using all the right ingredients.

Congratulations Ida!



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