Events and more events in Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama, Casco Viejo


I love traveling, but love even more coming home. After a long weekend at Bahama`s beautiful islands (very much needed!!!) I walked around last night reconnecting with Casco Viejo`s streets.  While walking around I was just amazed how Panama can be such an easy headquarter for people running around in the region. So many direct flights now from Panama to everywhere, the Nassau flight just opened and it was an immediate success.  We are literally in the center, and Casco Viejo is such a wonderful place to come home to.

Last night, for example, I walked my dog to Las Bovedas and there was an art show from a well known Kuna indian artist called Oswaldo.  Then strolled the waterfront and came down Central Avenue and bumped into the soft opening of “Diablicos”, a Panamanian food restaurant that is just opening its doors near 3rd street.  My night closed with a glass of wine at Las Clementinas, enjoying beautiful piano music played by Carlos, the manager.

Back in my office this morning, I receive a couple of emails from friends in the neighborhood: tonight there is an art show at Espacio Panama by artist Stephen Henriques (from Jamaica)  and another one at Los Del Patio (tomorrow 7:30 p.m.).

Always have said it, but somehow today I felt it stronger than ever: there is a place in Casco for everyone, whether is it to live, work, invest or play.

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