Business Opportunities in Casco Viejo, Panama

Real Estate For Rent, Casco Viejo, Panama

Casco Viejo is buzzing with activity. Construction everywhere, hotels getting ready to open. Opportunities for small and larger businesses have started to open, from medium size commercial spaces to technically unrestored buildings that can be put together in “no time”.

Here are the best real estate and business opportunities in Casco Viejo right now!

Developer Hot Deal:

Water View Building: full concrete structure, any developer or contractor with some experience that takes a look into this building will start jumping on one foot out of joy. No demolition necessary (only for aesthetics), basically is a “plumbing, electricity, roof & paint” job in order to get it ready to start producing some income. Ideas for the building have included a young, budget 15 room hotel to 12 one bedroom rental apartments. Maybe an office building? the place can be anything, with very little investment. The best is that it has the ability to hit the middle market, which very few can. Nothing like a niche market to make a profit!

Water View Building for Rent

Restaurant Real Estate For Rent:

If you are not in a hurry and your concept needs more than 200 mt2, Casa Baluarte might be the right space for you. Currently under construction, the project is divided into two spaces: corner restaurant and a roof terrace café. Both spaces will be delivered without finishes, so each tenant can create the necessary ambiance.

You would like to open sooner? Casa Feraud might be your space. It is a raw commercial space, but in a very visible corner. Renovation of the space is needed, so owners are willing to be flexible. Steps away from other restaurants and future hotels already under construction!

Retail Space for Rent: Office, Bank, Wine Store n More Space:

Benedetti Hermanos is by far the biggest and most flexible space of them all. With over 400 mt2 in two wide floors, its commanding fasade at the widest part of Central Avenue is an elegant statement for any business. Glass from floor to ceiling and an “old Madison Avenue” feel, this is an open canvas!

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