Panama`s Secret History

Casco Viejo, Panama


Every city has stories hidden under their “cement jungle”.  This is the slogan for a History Channel TV Series called “Secret Histories”.   A couple of years ago they did an entire episode about Panama, which covers Casco Viejo with a lot of interesting characters.  The episode was made for Latin America, so it is all in Spanish. We`ve been trying to find out if they have it in English, but seems that they didn`t.

So, if you speak Spanish, take a look, it is a really well done show.  If you don`t,  we can still give you one great “secret” story to read about: did you know back during the Gold Rush it was a Texas Ranger who was called in to Panama to “put order” in town? Very much a “Billy the Kid”, you might find this little unknown piece of history quite interesting (and revealing) on how things where managed those days: Randolph Runnels.


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