Panama: Happy 492th Birthday!

Casco Antiguo, Panama

Looking for historic material to write this blog, I found this really cool book (from 1911) with all the gossip about America`s Discovery, founding of the Old Panama City and its later destruction by pirate Henry Morgan, which led to the founding of Casco Viejo, our beloved neighborhood.

So, in celebration of Panama`s “roots” here are photos of the city that became one of the most important links during Europe`s conquest of the Americas!

A small poem found on page 23:

“Here the oceans twain have waited

All the ages to be maited, –

waited long, and waited vainly,

Though the script was written plainly;

This, the portal of the sea,

Opens for him who holds the key;

Here the empire of the earth

Waits in patience for its birth.”

James Jeffrey Roche

Happy Birthday Panama!

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