Homage to Casconian: Bruce Quinn

Casco Viejo Panama

The name of Bruce Quinn in Panama is synonym of “theatre” and “musicals”. Since I can recall, Bruce has been an unstoppable dynamo, year after year bringing us beautiful productions, anything from Chicago to Annie and even plays by local writers and singers.

A “Zonian”  Bruce was born into Panama`s Canal Zone in the 40`s,  which back in the day meant you had double nationality: Panamanian and American. In the 60`s he starts producing theater shows and more than 200 plays later, he is still running up and down the stage,  guiding young talents, encouraging to give their best.  Several generations have passed by his “school” and are now well known professionals in Panama`s young theater and TV scene.  A beloved grandfather to the genre itself in this country and an example to follow.

A Casconian for many years, Bruce himself is a living history treaty full of juicy facts that I`m sure are a constant inspiration for his work. Last night, the homage at the Canal Museum was set up in three Acts: the formal one where he received as a gift from the Canal Museum a historic tile of the building, then the museum exhibition (which will be open to the public for a month, until the 15th of September) and the “Show of all Shows” where Bruce himself delighted his friends by acting and singing!

So much can be said about him and his experiences that could fill several books. For sure, only a selection of his work filled up a museum floor… and let me tell you, to see all his plays lined up was simply impressive.  What an achievement! Congratulations Bruce!

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