Pro History Campaign by Panamanian Celebrities

Casco Viejo, Panama, Casco Antiguo

For the first time ever, a group of Panamanian celebrities have joined hands to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our history.   From Panama`s former Miss Universe, to writers, painters, journalists and TV presenters, they explain not only the importance history plays in shaping the country`s identity but also talk about the specific importance of Casco Viejo as a World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO.

This video has sprouted out of the controversy of a government plan to build a road around Casco Viejo, destroying its natural beaches and endangering its status as an international history jewel. UNESCO has already issued a strong report regarding the road project,  which would take Casco Viejo out of the World Heritage Site list.

This alarm has created a grassroots movement between conservationists, members of the Casco Viejo community, artists and more.  Casco Viejo`s community has been known for its love for its neighborhood and has fought several times against actions that have attempted against its integrity.

Because of Panama`s role as a natural and economic hub since way before the Spanish conquest, the country has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any of its regional peers.  With the road around Casco Viejo, Panama would loose the designation for two out of three important sites: Panama La Vieja and Casco Viejo.

Around the World, Heritage Sites become not only the source of pride and identity of the countries they belong to, but also economic engines and important cultural and touristic trademarks that help the country differentiate itself in the crowded international market.  Each one is unique and irreplaceable, once lost, just as it happens with endangered species that are part of the chain of life on Earth… it will be forever.

We would like to congratulate all of the participants in this video and at the same time, would like to invite you to spread the word and support this cause:

Here is the youtube link:

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  1. This is a wonderful example of how Panamanians can band together to effect change! A suggestion I hope you will consider: right in YouTube you can easily add a bit of text. Please add the name and title of each person (for example, Justine Pasek, Miss Universe…or similar). I can explain how if you’re not sure. Thanks!

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