Canal Museum of Panama presents “Narciso Garay”

Casco Viejo, Panama
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The Canal Museum at Casco Viejo always has interesting stuff going on. Yesterday, they inaugurated an exhibition about one of the best known Panamanian musicians of the early Republic:  Narciso Garay.

Born in 1876 (died in 1953) he was the son of a poet and a painter. Almost inevitably, he becomes a violinist. After his studies in Brussels and Paris he returns to Panama. He is known during his professional life as a teacher and an important diplomat,  representing Panama throughout the world.   Unsurprisingly, there is very little written in the internet about him, although I could find in Wikipedia a good page about his sister (Nicolle Garay) who became a well known poet.

Today, Casco Viejo remembers him in one of its buildings which was said to be his house.  Every day there is a story to be uncovered in this 300 year old neighborhood!

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