Art Show at Freemasonry in Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo, Panama, Casco Antiguo

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Walking the streets of Casco Viejo you wouldn´t suspect there is a Freemasonry Lodge in town. The fraternity was founded in Panama in 1821. However, the building we went last night was built in 1925 at what used to be the limits of the Casco Viejo: 13th Street.  I guess back then trying to get farther away would take you into the jungle! Today, you can just walk a couple of minutes and you`ll be there.

A beautiful building and in excellent shape, they opened their doors last night for a small art show depicting their classic masonry symbols.

Intrigued by their history, I found they have an official website where they list briefly how their members had important participation in events such as Panama`s independence and companies such as the Star and Herald newspaper (back then published in French).  Back in 1821 they were called “La Mejor Union” (The Best Union).   It is said that some of Panama`s presidents have been members,  a favorite argument for those who like conspiracy theories!

If you would like to learn more about them, here is their website (written in Spanish).  They also have a Women`s Mason website here.

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