Pirate Morgan`s Cannons found at Panama`s Caribbean Coast

Casco Viejo, Panama, Casco Antiguo

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Casco Viejo (Panama)  owes its existence in more than one way to Pirate Henry Morgan (or should we say Sir Henry?).  Granted, people were already looking for alternatives to move the city out of the swamp where it was originally built (Panama Viejo), but having a fearsome pirate often referred as “Brethren of the Coast” attacking your city doesn´t help either.

This week, an article on the findings past July 2010 of six cannons at the Caribbean coast of Panama (near San Lorenzo) made the front page. A team of professional divers found the cannons and experts point that it seemed to belong to Morgan`s flagship “Satisfaction”.  I have to say, Morgan must have had a great sense of humor!

The pieces will be under the care  of the Patronato de Panama la Vieja, who is in charge of the conservation of Old Panama and have commissioned several archeological studies that have brought some light on how people lived way back when. They also have a museum, so hopefully the cannons will be exhibited there.

Found some interesting website with the story of “Satisfaction”. Check it out HERE.

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