00-10: Panama`s Art through the first 10 years of XXI century

Panama – Casco Viejo – Casco Antiguo

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At Panama`s Historic City


Yesterday, Panama`s artistic community gathered at the Contemporary Art Museum to check out the art show “00-10: Cuenta Progresiva – Art during Panama`s first decade of the XXI Century”. An interesting compilation made by Reinier Rodríguez, an architect and Casconian.

The show was well put together and it starts an important conversation in Panama`s artistic circles  about who/ what is/ was relevant on this first decade.  It featured several artists, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Casco Viejo lovers (alias Casconians, whether owners, residents or fans-always-there-you-think-they-live-here or hardcore supporters) were quite a few. There was Eduardo Navarro with his beautiful horses, Jonathan Harker with video, Miky Fabrega, Francisco Barsallo, Rachelle Mozman, Jean Jacques Ribi and Yiyi Ibarra among others.  Go check it out, the show will be on for the next two months.

After you go see it, pass by Diablo Rosso (at A Avenue and 7th Street, Casco Viejo) and check out their show called “Complementarios” (Complementary) which features artists that are also considered relevant by this group and were not included in the first show.  Compare and analyze with a cup of coffee or wine! chat and feed the fire!

Finally, if you happen to do all of it today and want to close your day with another artistic event, pass by Calle 3ra and check out Yiyi Ibarra`s inauguration of Los Del Patio, an art space that is opening next to the National Theatre.  They are putting together a theater festival during February, so keep your eyes and ears open!





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