Di Vino: Casco Viejo`s first Wine Bar

Casco Viejo Panama

Panama Casco Antiguo

Nightlife at Panama`s Historic District

Oh Boy, oh boy.  Now I`m in trouble. A beautiful wine bar is opening right in front of Arco Properties office at Casco Viejo, Panama.   I confess myself to be a cheese fanatic, and Di Vino (which means “divine” in Spanish, but in Italian means “about wine”) has not only a wonderful ambiance but great cheeses and – of course- wines.  Italian wines, to be more specific, as Di Vino belongs to three good Italian friends (Milan, Rome) and Casco Viejo neighbors: Denis, Jacopo and Francesco.

Built with great taste and using wood and glass, you`ll enjoy hanging out there. And if after a couple of good Chianti you feel like buying real estate… just crawl to the building in front and visit us!!!!

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