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Christmas is coming… and the World becomes obsessed. And yes, I am one of them. But at least I do it responsibly!

The thing is that I always obsess about the Christmas tree. I want a tree, but don`t want it to pollute, etc.  Last year, I did a Christmas tree with newspaper and stuff found at the beach. This year, after a beach cleaning where Casco Viejo`s community participated, I got inspired to do it with plastic bottles. Also, I wanted to have my dog be part of my decoration, so I used the food bag as a door ornament.

2010 Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree

This year, I got most of the material at Casco Viejo`s beach nearby the old Union Club and under Las Bovedas (outside the colonial stone wall) .   I started hanging them, and here is the result so far! Haven`t used them all, I think I still have 45 bottles or so. I think those I`ll use as daily gifts for my dog, as she loves to flatten them. At the end, I`ll send the entire package (flat bottles and tree) to the recycling company that has started to collect material in Casco Viejo.

I call this an “ongoing” design… for sure it will be very different at the ends of the year! (yes, I tend to keep my tree until January… I know… separation anxiety).

Dog food bag turned into Christmas decoration

Last year`s wrapping. Still deciding on 2010

Last year`s wrapping. Still deciding on 2010

2009 paper Christmas Tree. But this wasn`t the final version.

Table mini tree


  1. genius! i love your newspaper christmas tree.. but on what did you put the newspapers?

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