Historic Panama: a celebration of our roots

Panama Casco Viejo
Casco Antiguo Panama
Real Estate For Sale For Rent at Panama`s Historic City


Panama has changed a lot in this last 100 years of existence as a Republic.  Casco Viejo itself has changed a lot and as a product of this mix we now have a beautiful World Heritage Site.  To celebrate Casco Viejo`s roots (and therefore Panama´s roots) during these Patriot Holidays, I`m posting here different historic photos and a list of the most incredible street names you can ever imagine.  Most of the photos are from 1850`s from the photographer Eadweard Muldbridge, but there are also from other sources. And the street names are from Mr. Figueroa`s book on Panama`s history.


Calle de Matadero (today Calle 13, means the Butcher`s street)

Calle de las Damas (today Calle Colón, means Ladies street)

Calle de la Chancleta ( a name from 1812… not sure if we have a straight translation. It is the plastic sandal that you can buy for $0.99 at any store. )

Calle del Agua (Water Street)

Calle Salsipuedes (still exists! Get Out if You Can)

Callejón de Ahogapollos (DrownChickens Alley) …  my favorite!

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